February 7, 2010

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FREE recipes to make your own soaps, lotions and more!
a unique section from Wuv'n Acres!

As a special thank you to all of our wonderful customers, we are pleased to
provide you with free recipes to make your own soaps and lotions!
Hands can get pretty rough working in the garden.
Enjoy these wonderful recipes.

Can't find the ingredients locally?
The internet is chock full of great places to buy supplies!
Be sure to check our Honey Bee page for 100% pure beeswax, raw honey and more!
The list below was found on Google.com:

.               .

A World of Plenty - http://www.aworldofplenty.com/
Ingredients, supplies and recipes for potpourri, sachets, bath oils, lotions, cosmetics, floral and candle products. Aromatherapy, culinary herbs and spices, candle making supplies and related books and posters.
Aromaxpress Fragrance Supplies - http://aromaxpress.tripod.com/
Soap and candle making oils, aromatherapy oil, and blends. Also supplies and kits.
Bear Country Candle and Soap Supply - http://www.bearcountrycandleandsoapsupply.com
Offering handmade soap supplies, handmade candle supplies, bath products and everything you'll need to make that perfect candle or soap. Free Shipping with your order.
Bitter Creek Candle Supply - http://www.bittercreek.net
For all of your candle and soap supply needs. Wax, gel and oil candle supplies, soapmaking kits, shower gel and lotion base, glitter, scents.
Body of Love - http://www.bodyoflove.com/
Fragrance and essential oils for soaps, candles and potpourri.
Bottles and Jars - http://www.freeyellow.com/members8/akremer/
An assortment of plastic bottles, jars and sprays for dispensing handmade toiletries. No minimums.
Candlecutter - http://www.candlecutter.com/
Stainless steel, electric knife that cuts candles with heat to cut and trim melted candle wax.
Common Scents - http://www.commonscents.org
Selection of soap and candlemaking supplies; located in North West Ohio. Founding member of the Candlelore Guild.
Craft Express Gel Candle Supplies - http://www.craftexpress.com
Recipes and supplies for candles, gel candles and soapmaking. Wicks,molds and wholesale fragrance oils. Also melt and pour soap base and lotions and bath gel.
Creative Candles and Supplies - http://www.frontiernet.net/~soaps/index.shtml
We sell candle and soapmaking supplies including fragrance oils, wax, wicks, colors, melt and pour base, and molds.
Desert Mystique - http://www.desertmystique.com/
Offers fragrances, containers, gel embeds, molds, supplies, and accessories. Includes bath products and aromatherapy. Also tips, tricks, ideas, recipes, and resources.
Devonshire Scents - http://www.devonshirescents.com/
Fragrance oils for candlemaking, soaps and lotions.
From Nature With Love - http://www.from-nature-with-love.com/
Supplies quality botanical materials needed to make handcrafted soaps, skin care products and aromatherapy/herbal products.
Heart's Desire - http://www.angelfire.com/biz/artsandcraftsupplies/
Beeswax and gel candle making supplies, glycerine soap, lotion and toiletries bases, mosaic tiles and grout.
Hotscents - http://www.hotscentsusa.com/
Offering scented oils for scented crafts. Gel candle scents and techniques pages.
Ice Lite - http://www.icelite.com/
Offers a holder lantern kit that uses formed ice.
International Wholesale Fragrance - http://www.internationalfragrance.com
Wholesale fragrance oils manufacturer for the candlemaking and soapmaking industries. Gel candle supplies, dyes and pigments.
Katlaw Industries - http://www.katlaw.net/
Canadian supplier of soaps, gel wax, resin, and oil and supplies.
King House Candle Supplies - http://www.kinghousecandlesupplies.com/
Supplies for candles, bath and body. Variety of fragrance oils, wax, glassware, pottery, wicks, color blocks, and dye.
La Naturale - http://www.lanaturale.com/
Offers unique plexiglass molds that need no lining, soap cutters, virgin olive oil, and a non-Paraben preservative for lotions, creams,shampoos and all your water based products.
Little Ruby Designs - http://www.littleruby.com/
Offers a variety of handmade vegetable glycerin soaps, lotion butter bars, gel and soybean wax candles.
Lynden House International Inc. - http://www.lyndenhouse.net/
Canadian supplier offers candle and soap making supplies including glycerin soap base, paraffin wax, fragrances, dyes, molds, and bath bomb supplies.
Missy's Candles - http://www.candlemaking.com
Suppliers of soap and candle making supplies including wax, wicking, fragrance, molds, pottery and containers.
Nouveau Designs - http://goplanetearth.com/
Candle and wax supplies, glycerin soap base and supplies, fragrance and essential oils, custom scenting and private label bath products.
Pathetic Plantation - http://hometown.aol.com/imissolddixie/
Makers of antique lye soaps like white lye, home made goatmilk soap, and castille soaps. Also supplies of cold process soap coloring pigments, bulk colorants, and similar supplies.
Peak Candle Making Supplies - http://www.peakcandle.com/
Offers candle making products, fragrance oils, and soap making kits.
Pemaquid Lights Candle - http://www.pemaquidlights.com/
Scented jar candles, votives, supplies, and kits.
Pine Meadows - http://www.pinemeadows.net/
Offers equipment and accessories. Includes fragrance and essential oils, bases, molds, and recipes.
Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe - http://www.pvsoap.com/
Offers a line of aromatherapy and soap supplies. Includes essential and fragrance oils, molds, pigments, specialty oils, and books.
Pure Essentials - http://www.pureessentials.com
Pure Essentials offers oils and fragrances, carries a selection of scents used for making candles, potpourri, lotions and fragrances, as well as bases for shampoos, bath gels, etc.
Shaw Mudge and Company - http://www.shawmudge.com/
We offer fragrances for candles, soaps, personal, and home care products.
SilkyTyme - http://www.silkytyme.com/
Offers glass and porcelain embeds, gels, fragance oils, wicks, and glassware.
Soap Wizards - http://www.soapwizards.com/
Offers a selection of bulk glycerin and liquid soap base, salts, bombs, and supplies.
Supply Club - http://www.thesupplyclub.net/
Offers bulk shower gels, lotions, botanicals and fragrance oils.
The Packaging Goddess - http://www.utopiangarden.com/
A wide range of unusual packaging supplies for the home soap or toiletries makers. Boxes, bags, containers, tie-ons. Also offers some unusual soap molds.
The Soap Maker - http://www.bdreams.com/sindex.html
Supplier of soap, candle making supplies. Includes oils, herbs, colorants, books, packaging, and molds.
Ye Olde Soap Shoppe - http://www.soapmaking.com/
Soapmaking supplies and information.
Yellow Rose Fragrances - http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/yellowrosefragrances/index.html
A wide range of fragrance oils for soaps, toiletries, and candles. Weekly and monthly specials.


1 oz. beeswax
1 oz. cocoa butter
1.5 oz. shea butter
1 oz. jojoba oil
1 oz. sweet almond oil
Vitamin E
Lavender EO
Peppermint EO
Tea Tree EO
Rosemary EO (it's strong, go easy on this ingredient)

Place a pint sized canning glass into a pan of water.
Put the beeswax into the jar and add cocoa butter. Melt.
Add shea butter and oils, gently shake the glass to swirl the ingredients.
Be careful, ingredients are hot.

Remove from the heat and add the EO's above, or you can create your own special scents.
Pour into your favorite dry containers and seal shut.
Glass works best for this recipe.


Even more great websites and many links for making your own goodies:










    including Shea Soap, Lotion, Lotion Bars,
    Massage Cream, Facial Cream, Peppermint Lotion
    Body Cream, Obatala, Lip Balms and more!

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